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Providing homes for our vulnerable native wildlife

Wildlife Gardening Services can create various types of mammal habitat, ranging from small hibernation boxes for hedgehogs, to large-scale artificial fox earths and badger setts. Another habitat scheme which benefits mammals is the creation of Wildflower Meadows which provide valuable food and cover for small mammals such as mice, voles and shrews. This in turn can attract birds of prey such as kestrels, tawny owls and barn owls.


Hedgehog boxes are made from FSC-approved wood and filled with hay or straw. They are sited in areas where it is likely that a hedgehog might hibernate. This ensures they have somewhere safe and warm during the winter, and helps them to avoid dangerous areas such as piles of firewood ready for Bonfire night.


An artificial fox earth is ideal when foxes are already present on a site, but it is required that they do not breed under existing buildings. This method has been used with success by Wildlife Gardening Services on industrial sites. Artificial badger setts are ideal in circumstances where development mitigation dictates alternative habitat must be provided.

If you own a large plot of commercial ground, it's important to make sure it's continuing to sustain the native wildlife. Wildlife Garden Services take all the hassle away, creating homes for a huge range of mammals.

Mammal habitats created & maintained

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