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Nestboxes to attract a huge range of birds

We're skilled at the placement of nest boxes and bat boxes, and we understand how to best attract the creatures to your wildlife-orientated garden.

Wildlife Gardening Services can provide and install the following types of nestbox:

  • Large boxes for barn owls and kestrels to be sited on/in buildings or on poles

  • Tree-mountable tawny owl boxes

  • Small-hole (25mm & 30mm) fronted boxes for blue tits, great tits, coal tits, tree sparrows and house sparrows, pied flycatchers, nuthatches and redstarts

  • Medium-hole fronted boxes for starlings, great spotted woodpeckers

  • Open-fronted boxes for robins, wrens, pied wagtails, spotted flycatcher


Wildlife Gardening Services also provides and installs wooden bat boxes, to be used as roosting and hibernating areas. These are primarily for sitting on trees but can also be placed on buildings. However, please take into account that it is illegal to disturb a bat roost without the proper authority.

It's one thing having an assortment of badgers, hedgehogs and insects in your garden, but it's something else entirely having families of birds and bats!

Bring the birds & bats to your grounds

If you have any questions, just drop us a line on the following number:

07902 223 620

Tawny Owl nestbox