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Beautiful orchards

Wildlife Gardening Services can deliver tree planting to you on both large and small scale, from a few individual trees in a garden, to a hedgerow planting scheme consisting of hundreds or even thousands of trees! Our landscaping team can also create orchards and mini-orchards depending on the size of area you have. Quite simply, there's nothing more beautiful than a well-maintained orchard, bringing a traditionally English feel to your grounds.


A combined orchard and meadow area bursts with colour in the summer, providing not only an aesthetically-pleasing base to the orchard, but also a fantastic haven for wildlife. An area like this need only be mown once a year, although a path to the trees can be mown through the meadow if required.


If you think our landscaping specialists could add something to your current setup, please call us. Remember, we can help you whether you have a small residential space or you have acres of available land.

A large part of our habitat creation service is tree planting and orchard arrangement. Not only are trees a home for many creatures, they also add to the appeal of your garden or commercial space aesthetically.

Creating gardens that inspire

If you're interested in any of our habitat creation services, call us on:

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