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Wildflower meadows within your grounds

A Wildflower meadow is a mixture of grasses and flowering plants, usually around 80% grasses and 20% flowers. Wildlife Gardening Services uses native British seeds, sourced from Emorsgate Seeds to create our meadows. A wildflower area can be created in even the smallest garden or space and can provide a valuable habitat for birds, butterflies, moths, bees and many other insects. A wildflower area can be created next to your pond to provide valuable protective habitat for emerging frogs, toads and newts. On a larger scale, a good-sized wildflower meadow can provide a habitat for small mammals which in turn can attract kestrels, owls and hawks.


We can also create wildflower areas consisting of cornfield annuals. These areas do not have the grass species of the meadows and contain only flowers, mainly poppy, corn cockle, corn chamomile, cornflower and corn marigold. These areas tend to provide a fantastic show of colour in their first year, whereas the meadow areas tend to look better in their second year. If you would like to find out more about wildflower meadows and areas or would like a free quote, please contact us.

We offer landscaping with a fresh new twist. We aim to create a world within your garden where a variety of animals can thrive and create homes.

Habitat creation across Teesside

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